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Name:Distant Hearts - A Community for Long Distance Lov
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Community description:ldr, love, romance, dating, long distance, internet, IMs, communication, dates
"Wind is to fire like distance is to love; it extinguishes the small and enflames the great."
-- Unknown

If you are in, or have been in a long-distance relationship, you probably know exactly how we feel. If you have endured countless goodbyes, you probably realize that the feelings you experience before your loved one leaves, arise from you anticipating how much it will hurt once they go. Whether you like it or not, about two weeks before they depart, you cannot help thinking about how sad you are going to feel kissing her for the last time. Or how lonely you are going to feel on the weekend when you realize that our only time together will be a phone conversation.

This community has been created for those who are in a long distance relationship, and have been for sometime. You have met in person and know what it's like when your heart tears in two as you say goodbye until next time. You're in the process of planning the rest of your lives together and are anticipating the day when you're together, forever. You can share your feelings, good and bad. Come and vent, cry, yell, laugh and love with us.


1) You are in, or have been in a serious ldr where you have actually met in person and are planning a future together.
2) You are over 20 years of age.
3) NO ADS!!!!!

P.S. Let's try to keep the drama to a minimum.

We are the ones who know best the meaning of 'goodbye';
Who cling fast to trinkets and pillows, when our arms cannot reach;
Whose bodies live in one place, our hearts and minds another.
To whom their scent is precious... and touch priceless.
We wait months for what many experience each day, and want nothing more.
We know what it is to reach out blindly in the night, to be torn apart,
to dream of beautiful closeness.... mmm, closeness.

When you join, please write up an introduction post and include the survey below, it will be included in the memories section.

Your name/LJ name:
S.O.'s name/LJ name:

Miles apart:

Tell us how you met:
First time meeting face to face:
How often do you see each other:

Future plans:
Where you see both of you in 5 years:

Pictures to share?

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